It’s Time To Choose

It’s December and the consumer drive within our society has been chomping at the bit since Hallowe’en. Carols started playing, decorations went up and the merchandise was ready to go! It makes most of us want to push all thoughts of the holidays away. But fighting the outward stress can end up dictating your inward experience of the season.

What do the holidays really mean to you? I’m sure your heart says it’s about love, being closer to spirit and deepening the relationship with yourself and others. But does your head say the same thing? I’ve been very aware that mine likes to get stuck in pressure, perfection and a giant ‘to do’ list! I know better, yet I find myself feeling resistant and overwhelmed.

But there is something important to remember. I am at choice. You are at choice. Each one of us has the power to decide what matters. You choose where your attention goes and how you show up for yourself and others. It starts by going within, opening your heart and being in Love.

Of course you want to put care into the details around food, gifts and visits but I encourage you to go deeper. Lovingly and mindfully tend to the preparations of your internal space as well. Set the conscious intention of who you are and what you will bring to the external space, because together they set the tone for your entire experience.

Standing in the truth of your own light illuminates the way for others. You make a huge contribution to the shift in consciousness because your energy ripples out and touches everybody around you. The people you love, sales people in the department store, or a stranger sitting beside you on the bus…let who you are be the message and the meaning of Christmas.

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