Inviting Inspiration through Integration

Think about all the messages we receive on a daily basis that say “do more, achieve more, learn more, grow more, or change more.” It’s easy for my mind to take any one of those commands and run with it. Google, YouTube, books, podcasts, seminars, workshops, etc. provide endless amounts of data.

It’s important to honour your evolutionary nature and strive to be your best, but here’s a question – do you also give yourself time to integrate and assimilate that information? Because it is equally important to listen to the wisdom within that says, “Stop…rest…and allow yourself to incorporate what you have learned.”

If you continued to eat without allowing your body to digest and eliminate it would become clogged. Your organs, cells, skin, and other systems wouldn’t get what they need to thrive. This applies when we look at it from a mental, emotional and spiritual perspective as well.

You need the chance to break down the information and understand what it means to you. How does it fit with what you already know? How will you put it into practice and what happens when you do? Who have you become? This process lets you digest the material and use it in an authentic way.

If you’re going through changes, experiencing growth or learning new ways then perhaps it’s time to rest, reflect and assimilate. I encourage you to check in with yourself. Listen, and trust your inner voice to tell you what it needs.

Listen to the Spiritual Message

Slides from the talk

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