Investigating Internal Boundaries

Having healthy boundaries involves being connected to your worth, being anchored within your own centre and being willing to communicate with those around you in an honest and authentic way.

When thinking about boundaries, we may forget that there internal as well as external boundaries. Robert Burney says, “internal boundaries could also be described as self-discipline or taking responsibility or growing up. And they are necessary for any real growth to occur.”

When we see ourselves repeating behaviors or choices that we said we would no longer do, it shows us that there are still unhealed parts in our self which we need to love, forgive, and accept. Strengthening our internal boundary takes consistent attention but we can definitely make progress.

In the process of discovering our true, authentic needs and desires things may change in our lives. It can be very challenging, but ultimately the changes will bring newness into our lives that is a reflection of who we really are.

Knowing ourselves as individuals is essential to true intimacy and connection. As we fine-tune our self-awareness, we can know our own needs, desires and preferences more fully. It’s a paradox that the more centered and grounded we are in our own inner sense of self, the better partners and friends we are able to become.

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