Integrity as a Superpower!

As Emmet Fox says, “you are the channel through which divine action takes place.” The key for all of us is to be clear, listen to our guidance and do our part. Following through means feeling satisfied, connected and alive, whereas failing to act usually ends with feeling disappointed or frustrated.

It is very human to buy into doubt and delay. We listen to the voice that says, “Stop, you can’t do this! Or Slow Down and think about it first!” The mind can’t see the whole picture or figure out how to accomplish such an action. And eventually, what once inspired us becomes a faded memory.

So, how do you break free and work in unison with yourself? Think integrity, which evolved from the Latin word integer meaning whole or complete. Then consider it’s other definitions: unity and undivided. That means every time you ignore Spirit’s call to action, you’re creating division within yourself.

Spiritual integrity is a path that reclaims your truth from the inside out; weaving your scattered parts into a solid whole. I’m sure there have been many times where you’ve put inspiration into action and felt exhilarated knowing that your core essence was shining brightly in the world!”

Living in alignment with spiritual law and acting from your highest vision takes honesty, courage and dedication but it also leads to great rewards. From the heart of integrity you recognize, accept, and express your authentic self and your life becomes a true inspiration to others.

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