In Praise of the Masculine Spirit

This Sunday is Father’s Day; a time to celebrate the men in your life who have influenced, inspired, strengthened and loved you. Think too, of the dads you know who are an active, loving presence in the lives of their children. There are many good men show up as guides, mentors, teachers and leaders.

Whether you are celebrating your biological, step or adoptive father, your brother, uncle, teacher or neighbour…bring them fully into your awareness right now, hold them in your heart, and say “Thank You.”

We know, too, that the father energy transcends gender; it’s the masculine energy that is so essential to our well-being. It is the power within that protects and supports us, provides for us and gets things done. It guides you in the process of growing up and being engaged with the world around you.

This is an incredibly powerful energy and when used well it lets us act on our creativity, practicality, kindness and vision. It’s quite a journey to grow into our mature masculine but when you do, it compels you to be a person who lives with focus, commitment and inspired action.

As you celebrate this Father’s Day, remember to set aside time and honour the masculine spirit within you. Draw on its strength and appreciate the vital role it plays in your evolutionary journey.

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