The Soul of Self-Forgiveness

It can be difficult to forgive yourself for bad decisions, foolish mistakes or hurtful things you said and did. But holding grudges leaves you feeling discouraged and unworthy, making it hard to learn from your mistakes and move on.

We are deeply imprinted by the suffering or pain we have caused others and can be felt in ways such as remorse, guilt, regret or even shame. These imprints are the heart’s compassionate call for our attention.

Self-forgiveness unlocks an inner door which leads to greater abundanceĀ and wellbeing. This includes an increased capacity to love yourself and others, better health, fulfilling experiences, and new ways to express your talents.

Harvard researcher and physician George Vaillant describes forgiveness as one of the eight positive emotionsĀ that keep us connected with our deepest selves and with others. He considers these positive emotions to be key ingredients that bind us together in our humanity.

According to Colin Tipping, “Many of our fears, anxieties, and even physical health problems originate from the parts of us that we consider unforgivable. Yet when we recognize that we are worthy of forgiveness we gain access to the loving energy of spirit that can heal our deepest wounds.”

Self-forgiveness is a true healer, clearing away the debris of your past so that your body, mind and spirit can live in peace and balance.

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