Honouring the Voice Within

How do you recognize the still, quiet voice within? This is an important question to ask because the answer makes living a full, rich and meaningful life so much easier.

We all have an inner voice that can speak to us in multiple ways. At times you may literally hear words, while at other times it may come through ideas, sensations or a simple ‘knowing’. The point is that it’s always communicating and your path is to hear it, trust its wisdom and follow its direction.

This relationship is essential to the construct of your whole life because what we create in the outer world begins within. Every time you listen to the whisper and follow through in action, you’re strengthening the recognition of and trust in that Voice.

Honouring this sacred voice is at the centre of your spiritual journey. It is an instrument of your Higher Self and gives rise to your authentic voice. It grows Love, speaks power and is the seat of true safety. Your Voice is seeking you; it knows the rich conversation that awaits you both. It knows what you need and longs to give it to you.

Think of all the times that you’ve listened. Again I ask – how did you know it was speaking to you? Now let yourself remember how perfectly everything turned out when you acted in alignment with its guidance. Life loves you my friend…and trusting Its voice is a huge step in receiving that Love.

Listen to the Spiritual Message

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