From Darkness Into Spring

And hello March! Can you feel the shift coming? We are crossing the threshold into spring, the equinox is only a few weeks away and it’s all capped off by the celebration of Easter. New life, expanded light and resurrection – a very potent month indeed!

We are blessed on the west coast to see nature blooming all around us. It’s easy to feel renewed as we pass by the daffodils and walk under trees filled with blossoms. And even though the nights are still longer than the days that too, will soon change.

The process of our spiritual awakening is reflected in the seasons; the oneness with all of Life includes our deep connection to the cycles of nature. Receiving that truth allows you to accept the unconditional support of nature and work in harmony with that which is drawing you upwards.

You are not alone on your path; the Universe, Nature, Creation, is on your side. Whatever the name, it is surging through your very Being. The divine is your trusted companion, abundant co-creator and strong foundation. It is with you in every step of your journey.

So as the darkness of winter is about to take its leave, let’s prepare ourselves for the internal and external spring that is ready to burst forth.

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