Freedom and Your Story

This has been a day of reflection. It was Remembrance Day last Friday and I am feeling grateful to the people who paid a price for the freedoms we enjoy. Some paid a physical price, most paid an emotional price and others paid the ultimate price – with their lives. We express thanks for those sacrifices through gratitude, learning from the past and consciously choosing to live in peace.

Like so many others, I am also thinking about my brothers and sisters in the United States. I am holding them in love. I see healing and unity revealing itself through each and every person. And I hold close, the idea that we are one family continuing on a path of spiritual light together.

This has also been a week of hearing stories. People have shared about how they grew up, their families and how the course of events changed their lives. And in each story I have heard echoes of my own life. I am in awe of how alike people are; that we are intertwined in a way that almost defies human logic. And at the same time, I’m amazed that we can feel so separate.

When I sit in the experience of each story, one seems as real as the other. Sometimes I choose unity over separation and sometimes I choose the opposite. More and more I choose unity because it makes me feel happier. It comes from my spirit and has the resonance of Truth.

Choosing unity is a light that calls us forward with confidence and faith. It holds the promise of a bright future where all of us are happy and free.

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