Forsaken or Fulfilled?

Within everyone is a sacred gift. It is our unique offering, the God-given artistry that only we can express. It might be easy to get caught up in outer activities of life, to fall asleep while existing. Yet we are constantly being reminded to pay attention.

We are here right now, at this place and time to let our inner light shine. This is the time for us to wake up to our inherent greatness and let all of life, even the hardships, losses and sorrows, be infused with this aliveness. Ernest Holmes said, As the inner light dawns, it delivers the outer life from bondage.

As humans, we are all probably far too familiar with that feeling of bondage but as spirits, we also know that our light is far brighter than we think. Easter is approaching, a time when new life is born. But first we let the old ways die.

Is there anything that may be casting a shadow within you? And are you willing to release it so the beauty and power of your spirit can rise?

We are being called to radiate and brighten this world by being a beacon of love, healing and harmony. When we let our brilliance glow we invite others to do the same. And together, we are a force for transformation!
(adapted from Science of Mind magazine)

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