Focus Clears The Way

As humans we are so easily distracted. No matter how important something is to us, there can always be a shiny new object that captures our attention. The trick is to stay connected within ourselves so we can face those times with awareness, compassion and determination.

You are a physical being. All of your life experiences have come through your physicality. Fear, joy, pleasure, boredom, worries about the future, thoughts about the past…it all happens in your body. You also have the capability to pay attention, and then choose where to focus that attention.

Of course there are times when it seems like you are in two places at once.

Consider this moment: you are physically present in one place reading this email but part of your attention may also be somewhere else. You could be making a ‘to do’ list, replaying a conversation you had this morning or making plans for the weekend.
This seems to happen naturally but splitting your attention can pull you into your head, create frustration, diminish your power or take you away from what’s important. It is much easier to stay focused and harness your energy when you are fully present in your body.

There are tips to eliminating distractions, tools that will help you stay focused and sometimes what seems like a diversion is really leading to a better path. Your body is a touchstone for clarity and guidance; learning to include it in every experience means having a greater capacity to respond to what truly matters.

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Slides from the talk

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