Finding Wholeness Through Imperfection

This is a time of the year when we want everything to be perfect. And that is usually measured by picking the right gifts, throwing ideal parties, having everyone in the family get along and do it all without even breaking a sweat!

The holidays often end up highlighting how imperfect things can actually be. Imperfection…boy, our society sure does groom us to think it’s a bad thing! It’s amazing to see the great lengths some of us will go to avoid exposing our imperfections.

But we are human beings and, by the very nature of being human, it means we are flawed. We walk this path where the spiritual us is perfect and the human us is imperfect; however, I think this is where we find our beauty. Turning toward our flaws we find a doorway which leads past judgment or criticism and into an honest, accepting experience of our Selves.

Then, we are able to extend this grace to those around us. And while it doesn’t mean a free pass to behave badly, it does mean offering kindness, compassion and understanding…because we all need that at one time or another.

There is as much beauty in your imperfect human self as there is in your Higher Self. Give permission to love your imperfections and accept the flaws of others. Let each crack be a light that shows you how to live from fullness and be present to your amazing life.

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