Feeding Your Soul

What does self care mean to you? Does pampering yourself come to mind…a hot bath, chocolate or your favourite TV shows? Is it about feeding your soul? Or is it something that sounds great in theory but seems almost impossible to put into practice?

We live in a society that values sacrifice and often views self care as indulgent or selfish. However, it’s important to stretch beyond this belief. The truth is that taking good care of yourself means you’ll feel more fulfilled and vibrant. It’s what helps you come to life filled up and ready to participate.

Cheryl Richardson reminds us that through self care, “We become conscious and conscientious people. We tell the truth. We make choices from a place of love and compassion instead of guilt and obligation.”

Self-care goes beyond sustaining physical health and reducing stress. It also includes the needs of your inner world such as: inspiration, soulful connection, intellectual stimulation, and emotional resonance.

You are the only one who can identify what nourishes your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Ask yourself what you need then give permission to explore and experiment. What you discover can touch your heart, open your mind to new possibilities, and affirm your connection with others.

This kind of care is an act of self love, and it radiates outward. There is an expansion that happens when you tend to yourself deeply and deliberately; you naturally begin to care for family, friends, and the world at large in a healthier, more joyful and effective way.

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