Exploring Our 6 Human Needs – Part 1 of 3

People make decisions and take action every day based on what they think, how they feel and/or the habits they’ve formed. And often, they do so without giving these choices a second thought. If this sounds familiar, then I invite you to stop and give some consideration to what you are doing.

Human Needs Psychology tells us there are six human needs that influence your deepest motivations. These needs go beyond desires or wants; they are fundamental in who you are and what you do. And they are the factors that  determine how you prioritize decisions and actions throughout your lifetime.

What’s interesting is that these needs show up in a different order of importance for every person. Some will want certainty over growth and others will want to have love & connection, even if it means they may be on uncertain ground in terms of finances.

If you’ve repeatedly acted in ways that have worked against you and wondered why, it’s because you’re meeting one or more of the six human needs through that behaviour. I think this perspective brings a neutrality to the picture, it helps us drop any frustration or judgment we may have and see ourselves with more compassion and understanding.

The quality of your life is created by the choices you make, so exploring the core needs and discovering which ones matter most is a real gift. And understanding how you go about meeting them is an essential step towards having more harmony in your life. When your needs, actions and highest values are aligned, you will automatically feel happier, more complete and ultimately more fulfilled.

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