Expanded Awareness = Spiritual Solutions

Deepak Chopra wrote a column for many years where people from all around the world wrote to ask questions about their personal challenges. He gained incredible insight in listening to feelings of pain, betrayal and despair. I want to share his words of wisdom about finding spiritual solutions to the obstacles we face.

“What I realized after answering more than 10,000 questions was that while the details of people’s individual situations vary, everyone who feels stuck or in pain is suffering from the same underlying problem: a state of contracted awareness.

From this place of fear and constriction, every step forward feels like a battle. You keep doing more of what never worked in the first place, and as frustration mounts, you feel more and more exhausted.

On the other hand, when your awareness expands, you no longer feel tight or fearful, and fresh ideas have space to grow. In this expanded state, spiritual solutions spontaneously emerge. Instead of relying on the limited resources of the ego-mind, you let yourself be guided by your true self, which is the source of all peace, clarity, and wisdom.

As you continue to evolve, you enter the level of pure awareness. In this state you are aligned with the infinite field of all possibilities. Because solutions now arise from the level of the soul, they meet no resistance. All your desires lead to the result that is best for you and for the evolutionary expansion of the universe.

Although it may seem like it takes a long time on the spiritual path to reach pure awareness, exactly the opposite is true. At every moment, pure awareness is in contact with you, sending creative impulses.  All that matters is how open you are to the answers being presented.”

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