Everyday Miracles

Is there some aspect of your life right now where you are hoping for a miracle? Are you facing a situation where you think, if this would show up everything would be okay…maybe even, I’d be okay?

When faced with similar situations, I usually end up experiencing far more anxiety than miracles! My body feels tense and my mind gets into worrying: will it happen, won’t it happen and if so, when? Or there’s the question of what I need to be doing to make sure it happens. It’s all so exhausting!

Sometimes we can be so focused on those big miracles that we miss all the little ones we see every day. Take a look around and notice how many miracles have manifested in your life already. Feel the wonder of air moving in and out of your body, keeping you alive. Consider the miracle of sight, or love, or life itself.

Remember that what you give your attention to grows. So breathe them in, feel grateful for each one, and allow yourself to realize how many miracles you’ve already received. Let every gift you see be a reminder of Spirit’s grace and generosity. And as your heart opens to this truth, it’s so much easier to let go and relax.

You can settle into this miraculous energy that we call the Universe, Spirit, Creator or Divine Spark…and know that it is working for you always, and in all ways. Then, the beautiful words from Peter Mayer’s song “Holy Now” become a true reality…that the challenging thing becomes not to look for miracles, but finding where there isn’t one.

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