Embraced by Hope

The word hope gets used a lot. “We hope the weather will be good for our family vacation, that our favorite team wins the game, or the interesting dinner date will call back the next day.” For many people hope lacks a sense of certainty and is often tantamount to nothing more than a wish.

That’s just anxiety, frustration and powerlessness waiting to happen! There’s an unspoken message that you are at the mercy of some unseen force. It is making the decision and all you can do is wait and see. In those moments we reduce hope to its smallest possible denominator and overlook the incredible promise being offered by Life.

Hope. I invite you to say it, maybe even out loud, and notice how you respond. Do you find yourself pushing it away? Does it get stuck in your body or bring up memories of disappointment? Or do you feel light, open or uplifted? Maybe as if supported by an energy that is pulling you towards something greater?

Hope is safe, loving and expansive. I love what George Iles says, “Hope is faith holding out it’s hand in the dark.”

It calls us to evolve and requires that you actively throw yourself into what is ‘becoming’. The divine energy that created the universe courses through your soul and makes it possible for you to take the raw materials of life and turn them into beauty and goodness.

Now is a time of renewal and part of the sweetness of Christmas is that it brings hope. A beautiful gift freely given by the Creator; all you have to do is receive. Embrace this power of hope and and let your heart experience a confident, courageous optimism that is rooted in the certainty of your Truth.

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