Driving with the Brakes Off

We all want to experience ease, grace and being in sync with Life. And lucky for us, that is our soul’s natural way of being. When it’s not the case, however, we’ve usually run into resistance. These affirmations have a beautiful flow that invite us back into alignment with the vibration of our True Self. Then, our way is clear to create, change and move forward

Acceptance. We all want to be accepted. We want to be accepted for who we are, just as we are. For us to be accepted, we must also be accepting. I accept myself and others just as we are. I accept the truth that we are all here to give, receive and be love.

Release. When we live in and from the energy of acceptance, we are free to release – and not just the things that no longer serve us. More importantly, we get to release our gifts and talents into the world. I release all that no longer serves me in any way. I release my gifts and talents into the world. I am free.

Being Clear. For us to be part of a world that works for everyone, we must know what works for ourselves. This takes clarity. Take the time to get clear on what your next step is in an given moment. The Mind of Spirit is my mind now. This Mind is clear. This Mind is brilliant. Knowing this to be my truth, I am clear on what to do in all situations.

I surrender. Acceptance, release and clarity take surrender. Surrender to the Divine Intelligence that is at the very core of your being. Surrender to your highest and greatest good. Surrender to the truth that you are where heaven meets earth. I surrender to live my life of joy, peace and prosperity. I surrender to my greatest yet to be. I surrender to Love. And for all this, I am grateful.

August Science of Mind Magazine

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