Doing…Not Doing…And the Chaos In Between

The month of July is focused on change. We are six months into the year, so chances are that whatever you’ve been working on is likely taking root. And with six months to go, there is still a lot of room for those roots to grow and blossom.

As that happens, it seems obvious we’ll experience change. For you and I to continue¬†creating an authentic life we have to do some things differently. This brings us to a fairly common obstacle on the road of change – procrastination.

As much as we feel excited by new possibilities and desire to embrace who we are becoming, it can still be difficult. Human beings often feel rattled by leaving their comfort zone and entering into the unfamiliar. That makes it easy to put things off when we feel scared or unsure about how to proceed.

It’s also not so black or white either. Sometimes we need to take action right away and sometimes it’s better to let ideas percolate or wait for right timing. We can be timely in one area of life yet avoid necessary action in another. It is not always an easy road to navigate.

But we have it in us to learn tricks to help us overcome the habits that trip us up. We ask others to help us be accountable. We learn more about ourselves in order to understand what’s going on. We lean into and trust the power of Spirit to guide us through. We can do it!

Listen to the Spiritual Message (Rev. Annie’s message before the video)


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