Creating a Family of Choice

Kinship is part of a healthy lifestyle, it’s as important to your psychological health as exercising and eating right are to your physical health. People need close ties with other people and even if it’s not possible with your own family, (for whatever the reason), creating an intentional family can fill that need.

Whether it is instead of or in addition to your biological connections, a family of choice can be a deep source of love, companionship, support and joy. There is a saying that blood is thicker than water but I also know that my friendships have watered the roots of my soul in profound ways.

Groups like our Centre for Inspired Living are so vital in bringing us together with others of like mind; people who are deciding to walk a path of awakening. In our own way, each of us is nurturing the relationship with our Higher Self: hearing It’s voice and following It’s guidance in order to live an authentic life.

This takes time, energy and devotion. Sometimes it seems like a lot of work and we feel like giving up, even questioning whether the journey is worth the effort. All of us need a village of people where we encourage and support each other. We all need places where we can make a difference.

I am grateful that you are here because, truly, our community wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you for being who you are and thank you for choosing this spiritual family.

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