Claiming Your Community

It used to be that we were born into a community, a system of support. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, close friends and neighbours were all waiting to welcome us. They were there to help our parents adjust, watch over us and lend a hand.

People tended to stay close to home so immediate as well as extended family were there. Neighbours often became extended family, too. Staying put, meant love, support, guidance and encouragement were all around us.

Times have changed, now we most likely need to find our community. People move for career opportunities, a better climate, life experience or retirement. All very good reasons, but in the end we can consciously or unconsciously, feel isolated or displaced.

So, the job before us is to find our community; to consciously choose the group or groups of people who offer the love, belonging and acceptance that is essential to well-being. Claiming your community (or communities) creates the space for shared acceptance inspiration, support, growth and love.

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