Check-In And Change!

“You are a perfect creation of an Intelligent Universe. You have been given a unique set of gifts and talents that only you can express. Further, there is a power within you that is unstoppable once it is activated.” (Rev Karen Wylie)

How is it activated? “By your realization of it, your surrender to it, and your belief and trust in it.” These then become both the foundation and the aspiration of your spiritual practice. In turn the decisions you make and the actions you take are sourced from the highest consciousness possible.

What you draw on leads you into new territory. It lets you clearly see what is a match for you and what is not. As we continually surrender to our greater good, we are given opportunities to know our authentic Self and experience life in fuller ways.

This path also means change; it’s inevitable really. If we look deeply into our true nature, question our beliefs and patterns, shift our actions and surrender to our soul’s journey, how can we possibly expect things to stay the same?

By being on the spiritual path we are, in fact, calling change forth. Our lives then become a reflection of that call. Sometimes they’ll look a little messy, scary or chaotic but it’s a necessary part of the process. Maybe the more we accept that, the more we can relax and let ourselves enjoy the evolution!

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