Children’s Centre

The leaders focus on creating an environment where your kid(s) can have fun, connect with each other and feel a sense of love and acceptance.  Children play games and engage in other great activities including free play, arts & crafts, reading stories, and more!

We understand that all children have different levels of comfort around new people and situations, so our leaders are great at working with you and your child(ren) to make the transition easy and smooth.

Your child(ren) will love being part of the Children’s Centre!


Ages: 2-12

Care will be available: 9:55am just before meditation time.

Ground Rules

Be Considerate РFeelings are important we always want to encourage everyone to tell the truth about their feelings Рwe always want to let everyone have their own feelings and not to ever  feel embarrassed about having feelings

Be Kind – Speak with gentle and nice words – everybody here is your friend – we are all friends here at CIL.

Be Respectful – We are all here to learn – Follow directions of all your teachers. Listen quietly while others are speaking.

Be a Peacemaker -When Angry- Remember to be kind to yourself – Remember to be kind to others – Remember to be respectful of things – Use words instead of hands.

It is my choice to follow these ground rules – if I make a different choice I will take responsibility for my actions.

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