Building Trust with Your Magical Self

When was the last time you asked yourself, “Do I trust myself?” If you take the time and answer this question honestly, you probably said either “no”, or “it depends” (one of my favorite answers!)

However if you said “yes” to this question, and you believe that to be true, have a quick look at the following.

Do you:

  • always say yes when you mean yes, and no when you mean no?
  • feel guilty if you say no?
  • not speak up when you have something to say?
  • lose yourself in relationship?
  • adopt another persons beliefs or ideas just to be accepted?
  • give too much so that you are perceived as useful?
  • allow others to speak poorly to you in front of others?
  • speak poorly to yourself?
  • accommodate others to your own detriment?

These are just a few examples that indicate that on some level you don’t trust yourself. While this realization can be used as an excuse to beat yourself up, it could, as a better alternative, serve to raise your awareness. This means now you have the opportunity to actually do something to change it!

It’s not your fault you know. As a child, you grew up in an environment that told you over and over that you should do what others told you to do. Stuff you didn’t want to do.

Whether it was your parents, siblings, teachers, or other authority figures, what you wanted to do was not right, you had to do as you were told. These experiences caused deeply rooted programming that is hard to shake! The cost? Your self-trust (for starters.)

So what can you do about this anyway? Well… you can raise your awareness and explore possibilities!

Last week we discovered the anatomy of trust, brilliantly presented in a video by Brené Brown. This week we’ll explore how to build trust with the most important person in your life… your magical self!

Why magical self? Come out this Sunday and you will find out! 😎

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