Bring Your Genius to the Table

You’ve probably heard the analogy that likens Life to a pot luck buffet and being guests at this event, each of us makes a contribution through the gifts we share. Of course, the question that’s asked is: What are you bringing to the table?

We all have something worthy of sharing, period. But as human beings we are prone to wondering if our gift is good enough. Do you ever fall into the trap of thinking your gift is too small? Have you ever diminished your talent because you deem someone else’s to be more important?

You may have judged your gift to be like a little plate of veggies sitting beside a beautifully decorated cake. But remember, to the person who is gluten free that little plate of veggies is a godsend! If you’ve ever set your innate treasure aside hoping to find something better or rejected it altogether, it’s time to go back and see it through new eyes.

I bet there is a small, clear voice within telling you what you have to give. If you can’t quite hear it yet go ask someone you trust what they appreciate about you. And listen closely, because you are likely to find gold in those answers. If you’re clear now that’s awesome; hopefully you are sharing like crazy!

Stay true to your gifts and be willing to give them away. Your aliveness, connection, satisfaction and purpose is ignited from generously sharing your genius. Every person, experience, and situation is richer because you are showing up with a full plate of goodies to add to Life’s table. Lay it all out there and Enjoy!

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