Breaking Free of Limitation

One aspect of practical spirituality is taking what we know to be true about the Universe and integrating it into our everyday lives. The idea is obvious but the application isn’t. Being faced with a situation that seems at odds with what we know can take some time and effort to figure out what’s really going on.

As humans we want easy, clear and safe but our spirits want expansion and growth. Well, I think we’ve all figured out by now that expansion and growth are anything but easy, clear and safe. They are hard, messy and constantly calling us to push beyond the safety of our comfort zone.

This week we continue our focus on abundance by exploring the perception of lack or limitation and how we can break free. If you are like most of us, your heart knows that you live in an abundant universe but your head can find a lot of reasons to challenge that knowing.

It can be very tricky to navigate Spiritual Reality and physical reality. We don’t want to pretend that a specific situation doesn’t exist, for example “affirming our abundance” by spending more money than we actually have. But we also want to know that our unwanted circumstances can be changed.

Thank goodness we have each other! Spiritual community is the perfect place to delve into these conversations and reflections. We can ask questions, wrestle with the answers, have company in the confusion and celebrate our understanding. We can truly support each other to be engaged and living in the flow of universal abundance.

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Slides from the talk

slide 1 everthing is energy slide 2 it is expansion slide 3 life-is-not-hapening-to-you-life-is-responding slide 4 raise-your-vibration slide 5 Tesla-if-you-want-to-find-secrets-of-the-universe slide 6 universe is not punishing or blessing

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