Being, and What You Do

Do what you love. This is a fairly new approach to work in our culture. There was a time, not so long ago in fact, when what you did for a living had very little to do with what you loved. It was often based on things like: gender, logic, being a good provider for your family, job security and getting a solid pension.

Looking back there can be a sense of comfort and clarity about what we did for a living, why we did it and who did what. But it is our nature to change. And over time the way we think, the basis for decisions, what’s important to us and how we live our lives has evolved.

So here we are – familiar with what has been while at the same time being drawn to the call of what lies ahead. There is wisdom and practicality in the way things were, and still we must update, integrate and use what we learn about ourselves and the world around us.

We are multidimensional beings, which means our vision goes beyond the needs of our physical experience. We realize that there’s more to us than we thought; the desires and expectations for our lives evolve. Fulfillment, meaning and contribution to the whole are common parts of the equation now.

I think this applies to everyone; whether you’re working or have passed that stage and are into retirement. If you are alive, then you’re here for a reason. Your presence on planet earth is necessary and you continue to play a part in the transformation of humanity.

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