Attracting Love and Abundance

What is it that causes you to attract love, or to attract abundance? While there are many factors that contribute to your level of attraction of these and other desires, the most important factor is you!

There is no escaping the reality that YOU are what determines your level of attraction. When people are struggling in life, love, or abundance, it can seem like the whole world is conspiring against them. It may seem like no matter what they do, they can’t find the love and abundance they want. And I would agree, in this case, the world really IS conspiring against them.

But the Universe/God/Spirit is always conspiring in your favor! And with that kind of ally, there really is nothing that can stand in your way of attracting that which you truly desire in life!

So whether you’re looking for Love or Abundance (or both!), all the world ever does is mirror back the same vibration that you are putting out there. So it’s in your best interest to raise your vibration to match that which you desire, wouldn’t you agree?

But how DO you raise your vibration in order to attract more love and abundance to you in your life? I’m glad you asked! That’s exactly what we’re going to explore this Sunday at the Centre for Inspired Living!

Join us and you’ll come away with concrete steps you can apply to your life right now that will cause an immediate shift in your ability to attract love and abundance in the easiest and best way imaginable!

Video Excerpt of the Spiritual Message

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Slides from the talk

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