Appreciating Dads!

We need dads for so many reasons! They teach us that we can fall down, get hurt, get back up and still move ahead. They show us that we are tougher than we think and nothing can hold us down or hold us back unless we let it.

Dads teach us that to reach our goals we have to take action. They show us that there’s a time to sit, and think, and plan but ultimately we have to get up, get moving and DO IT!

Dads teach their boys how to be men of honour and integrity. They show them how to value themselves, love their family, keep their promises and live their dreams. Dads teach their daughters to be strong, capable women who are proud of their accomplishments. They show their daughters how to speak up, think for themselves and know that their beauty comes from within.

They show us how to love, how to laugh at ourselves, to take risks, be bold, act in the face of fear and love well. Dads don’t have to be perfect. They don’t have to know everything, be fearless or stronger than everyone else. They just need to show up, be present, love their kids, and guide them along the way.

Life can be scary; it can be confusing and even seem dangerous. Dads help us feel braver. They help us think clearer. And they help us feel safe…no matter what. So this Sunday, make time to honour the man (or men) in your life who has loved you, shaped you and guided you through life.

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