And the Theme is…

Welcome to 2018! A new year with: 12 months of new possibilities, 52 weeks of life, love and expansion, 365 days of adventure, experience, growth and awakening. And we are blessed to be smack dab in the middle of all of it!

We are the designers, architects, builders and receivers of our experience. There is within all of us, divine knowing, intelligence, talents and resources that nudge us in the direction of our dreams. That encourages us to live in ways that reflect meaning, beauty and authenticity.

We are the artists and the creations. Inspiration and creativity move through us. As we trust, allow and follow the divine impulses we bring the full expression of Spirit into physical form – divine works of art!

And all of us are a necessary part of this world as it is right now. Each new step in evolution has a place with your name on it…a place where only you fit. This is a time when our deepest calling, curiosity, service and love meets the world’s deepest need.

2018 will continue to reveal our Spirits; our strengths, our growing edges and the part we play in the whole experience.

So here’s to a new year…a new theme…and our continued journey together!

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