Ancient Wisdom for Our Modern World

Ancient wisdom is knowledge that has come down to us from the past. It emerges from a time for which we may have no records; where relics and whispers remain of a time that once was. It has occurred in the distant past, yet exists alongside us even today.

Indigenous people all over the world have passed on this ancient wisdom from generation to generation. It is nothing short of amazing that, despite being dismissed, ridiculed or possibly lost through assimilation, this wisdom has been preserved within the remaining tribal cultures.

There is a deep and powerful message for us here; it’s time to open our hearts and minds to the wisdom contained in these teachings. It is this knowledge that has sustained tribal people for centuries, enabling them to live gently on the earth and in harmony with all their relations.

Although our civilized culture may appear to have lost its way, all is not as it seems. We can re-establish our connection with the natural world and listen for the wisdom of Spirit in all things. And saying yes to this process allows us live on this planet in a healthy and sustainable way.

This week, we’ll learn some of those wise indigenous teachings as well as experience a short Medicine Wheel ceremony. After the ceremony we will honour our indigenous sisters and brothers who are standing up as loving caretakers of our earth…protecting her and preserving their homelands.

Listen to the Spiritual Message

Slides from the talk

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