An Inspired Life is…Being Fully Seen

As I sit and write this week’s community email we are 23 days away from shifting over into a new year. It’s interesting, going through each day, week or moment..time feels expansive; then, when I take a step back and we have almost completed a whole calendar.  Wow!

Our theme for this year has been “Being Fully Seen in 2017” which opened us to so many possibilities. At first glance it could have been about fully seeing our talents – activating ones that have been dormant, discovering new ones and/or making room for well known ones.

It could have been updating the image of we have of ourselves. Sometimes we can use things like insecurity, doubt or self-criticism to cover up our strength, power, trust or intuition. So being fully seen can be the chance to come out of hiding, to accept and embrace who we have become.

A turning point for me has been diving deeper into the world of energy. The more we move into the aspects of ourselves that are ‘invisible’, the more fully I see the whole me – the true me. Identifying first and foremost as a spiritual being is changing the way I relate to myself, my life and other people.

What about you? What are you becoming more aware of about yourself? Is there something different about your life? Your relationships? As you reflect on this past year I encourage you to include looking through the lens of “being fully seen”…you may be surprised, excited or even moved by what you see.

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