Action of Abundance

Now that we are focusing on abundance I have become acutely aware of when I am tuning in to lack. Not enough time, money, ideas, it doesn’t really matter, it’s all there. But I am committed to change. I choose to turn away from those thoughts that drag me down and tend to the activity of raising my vibration.

Part of what makes this subject difficult is that in opening our hearts and minds to the infinite wealth of the universe, we also open ourselves to everything that looks like the complete opposite! All your limited thoughts, negative beliefs and neglected feelings come rushing to the surface.

It takes courage to challenge old ways but that’s exactly what leads us to new ways. My “go to” reminder is…breathe! This is just a natural part of the process. And if it’s happening for you, it must mean that we are knocking on the door of change.

So the question that runs through my mind is…what do you do to be in tune with Infinite flow? What actions do you take to shift yourself away from the fear and smallness of scarcity and into the optimism, expansiveness, trust and joy of abundance?

Big or small, every action is a conscious choice to empower the divine impulse moving through your soul. It’s what allows you to step through the doorway and live a life that is worthy of you.

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