About Rev. Annie

Reverend Annie Lavack

Annie Lavack was ordained as an interfaith minister in June, 2012, after a number of years working to support families and children, especially single parents.

My Personal Story

I felt called to the ministry at the age of 17, and I’ve been ministering to people — adults, children, and peers — all my life.

I didn’t actually like the God of traditional religion, so I avoided my calling and looked to fill that longing in other ways, through social work with families and children and especially single parents.

I did come to understand that my attraction to religion was truly about the belonging, the faith, the belief in something higher or bigger than me and that what I was hoping to find in God or in a church was a way to make sense of the pain of my difficult childhood.   What I did find that helped was counselling, therapy and group process.

Through this path of healing and personal growth, I began to see the difference between religion and spirituality. Religion never really fit for me but discovering spirituality was the big door to a new life.

I began to experiment with various spiritual systems, and I remember listening to one New Thought minister and thinking, “I’ve really been New Thought all my life and just didn’t know it.”

New Thought teaches that God is not something out there, that God lives within me. My mind wasn’t entirely sure what to make of this, but a deeper aspect of me knew that this was true.

I continued with my personal growth and self-help journey and then I attended a Free the Heart intensive personal healing workshop with David Jones, who happened to be a New Thought minister.   Finally, I had found the right combination for me — personal growth inside a spiritual framework.

But I couldn’t find the spiritual community I was looking for.  So I knew I needed to take responsibility for creating the one I wanted.   And I began to work with a small group led by David Jones to found the Centre for Inspired Living.   We and the other founding members used the Visioning process created by Michael Beckwith (Oprah’s minister) to start the Centre, and the Centre still uses this process to guide its direction.

Through visioning, I received the guidance that in order for God’s vision to manifest for me, I had to go to seminary and become ordained as a minister myself.  At every weekly visioning process, I began hearing the same answer to my question:  “What is my role, how must I participate in order for God’s vision to manifest?”  “Education” was always the answer I received.

I attended One Spirit Seminary in New York and was ordained as an interfaith minister in June, 2012.  My commencement was held at Riverside Church where Martin Luther King Jr. spoke in 1967. It was a profound experience for me to stand in the very same spot as Martin Luther King Jr. and share that space with him 45 years later.

After my ordination in 2012, I became Assistant Minister at the Centre for Inspired Living under the mentorship of Founding Minister David Jones.  In May, 2014, when David resigned as the Centre’s minister, I became the Centre’s minister – or it’s Community Spiritual Leader as we at the Centre like to call it.

Like everyone else, my journey is ongoing and I am dedicated to my continued personal growth and spiritual evolution. I am also committed to creating a safe, loving and dynamic space that empowers others in their own spiritual unfolding.

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