A Prosperous Heart

We live in a friendly and abundant Universe. It’s easy to forget that when we’re faced with what seems like lack or limitation but our memory lapse doesn’t change the truth. Life is abundant and through your very nature…so are you.

When you’re on the spiritual path, everyday situations become opportunities to expand your mind. In the Science of Mind magazine, Rev Joanne McFaddon shares how a hike in the Adirondack Mountains became a lesson in expanding her vision.

“The trails of the high peaks are strenuous. During a difficult stretch of ascent, I realized I was so focused on what was directly in front of me in order to avoid slipping or twisting an ankle, that I was actually making the climb harder. At one poignant moment, I realized that if I paused, turned and looked in another direction, I could find an easier path to take.

So it is with life. With all the things going on around us we often get ‘mono-vision’. We’re caught up in what’s right in front of us, not stopping to take in the bigger picture and to remember that our options are infinite. Spirit is unlimited in Its creative potential, which means that our possibilities are also unlimited. We simply need to look around and avail ourselves of the myriad options that spirit makes available to us.”

This month we are diving into our abundance! Spirit is full to overflowing, and we can’t help but be recipients of the fullness, unless we interfere with the flow. So, let’s start by turning our attention from the outer “proof” of our abundance, and look within, knowing that that is where our infinite wealth begins.

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