A Leap Of Faith

We’ve revealed our theme for 2018…Dreaming With Our Eyes Wide Open!
First and foremost, this speaks of awakening; opening our eyes to the power and presence of our True Self. And accepting the inspiration and guidance that come to us. Life becomes more and more meaningful when we are living in authenticity.
Your awakened Self is in touch with every aspect of your life, including your dreams. This amazing, steady Self knows the path that will take you in the direction of all that’s important to you. So the task at hand is to trust in that energy and have faith.
It is there with us no matter what. Even if we ignore what seems to be the obvious path our awakened Self re-calibrates, giving us the new coordinates in the form of messages, impulses and opportunities. We are always led back to where we belong.
We open our spiritual eyes and see what is ours to do and to experience. We live a life steeped in Oneness. We realize what a privilege it is to be alive. We serve, and we share the magic of wonder, miracles, learning and expansion.
And most of all we have faith in the power of all that is, faith in ourselves and dream with our eyes wide open!

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