Falling Into Faith

We are given the vastness of the universe – the potential for a life filled with breathless moments! The possibilities are limitless. Is there something you want to experience but have been afraid to acknowledge even to yourself?

Allow yourself to feel, to experience, to love, to appreciate all that is in this world of beauty and grace. See the physical world in all its magnificence and splendor. Open your eyes, open your heart, and open channels to receive. The gifts that await you are enormous and will take your breath away.

We live in an amazing, complex and giving universe! Allow yourself to bask in the richness of Spirit’s infinite creativity. Live in higher consciousness and allow yourself to receive the miracles that are waiting to be delivered. Even when they do not come the way you expect. As divine trust within you expands, you fear less.

The more fear you release, the more your need to control is released. Deep inside the walls of fear, or pain, or change…letting go can seem impossible. But it is in the depth of these times that we find our true faith. Our deep trust and confidence in something bigger is built through our toughest times.

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